‘H3H3Productions’ raises ruckus

YouTube celebrities have gained the affections of millions of viewers. In fact, some have made YouTube their main source of income. Most successful YouTubers create their own skits or commentary for video game streams. Other creators are more popular because of their risqué content. And then there are the final malicious few that are content thieves.

Calling out the faults of these powerful idols takes moxie.

The channel H3H3Productions is popular for mocking these distasteful individuals.

Ethan and Hila Klein are a married couple that previously lived in Israel. Since then, they have moved to Philadelphia.

Their channel name derives from the couple’s first name initials. Comedy and utter ridicule is their forte. Most of their videos are comprised of Ethan reacting to far-fetched videos and revelling in the absurdity.

They may be a channel dedicated to comedy, but their efforts also include whistleblowing. Ethan and Hila are avid hecklers of disdainful channels such as SoFloAntonio and PrankInvasion.

They point out that these channels consistently break the rules set by YouTube yet do not suffer the repercussions. SoFloAntonio is a blatant plagiarizer. PrankInvasion is known for his frequent off-color “pranks” that are scripted and depicted with racy women.

Recently, the couple has been churning out satirical skits on “how to produce modern art” and “documenting Homogeneous Khalidius (DJ Khaled)”.

With each video they produce, there is an improvement in the production quality that is refreshing.

No longer are they heavily bogged down by awkward lighting or camera restrictions.

As a viewer, the connection one feels with a YouTuber goes beyond just watching the videos. To see a creator’s comedic style evolve is increasingly gratifying.

H3H3Productions’ audience is always in anticipation. Ethan and Hila are open to frequent Q&A streams as well as frequent raffles in which they give away their merchandise.

They are enjoyed for the way they poke fun at others. But they are admired for the way they can also laugh at themselves.