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(REVIEW) Did Oppenheimer Deserve All of The Awards?

Oppenheimer has won thirty awards, Including seven Oscars, seven BAFTAs, and many more. What was so good about it that it got this much recognition? Many Stagg staff and Students gave their opinion, and I watched the movie myself, at 4am.

J. Robert Oppenheimer (Played by Cillian Murphy) walking through the town built in Los Amos, New Mexico. (©

“Oppenheimer” is a thriller war film about the development of the first nuclear bomb. It follows J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy), a theoretical physicist. It tells us the story of how Oppenheimer made the first nuclear bomb during World War II and how it changed history forever.

Even though the director, Christopher Nolan wrote the screenplay, the movie is heavily inspired by the 2005 book ¨American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer” by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.

Leslie Barraza stands and smiles after grading Agriscience tests.  (Alona Chanloeun/Staggonline)

Stagg Agriculture/Science Leslie Barraza watched “Oppenheimer” two weeks after it came out, she watched it with two of her close friends. Barraza enjoys watching movies about science and history. ¨I decided to watch “Oppenheimer” over another movie because I enjoy learning about history and I like learning about history. It also talked about war and about our history. So I thought that was very interesting.¨

Barraza said that she enjoyed watching Oppenheimer and that she does really think that Oppenheimer deserved all the awards they got. “Oppenheimer definitely deserved all the awards they got. The acting in the movie was great and so was the directing of it.” 

Freshman Liliana Juarez standing in front of a tree after being interviewed. (Malina E. Velazquez)

Freshman Liliana Juarez had watched ¨Oppenheimer¨ a week after the release, with two of her friends. While watching the movie Liliana ended up falling asleep. ¨I actually ended up falling asleep while watching Oppenheimer. I was about an hour and a half into the movie and I fell asleep. It was the best nap I’ve  had in a while.¨

 Even though Liliana fell asleep she didn’t dislike the movie. It just didn’t peak her interest. ¨I don’t think Oppenheimer was a boring movie, I just don’t think it was a movie for me.¨

Liliana said that her favorite part of Oppenheimer was the acting. She said that one of the main reasons she went was for the actor Cillian Murphy, who plays the main character J. Robert Oppenheimer. ¨I honestly thought the best part of the movie was the acting. I’m a fan of Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders¨ and seeing him act in this movie is cool.¨ When asked about the differences between Cillian Murphy’s acting in Peaky Blinders compared to Oppenheimer Liliana said that ¨their very different, but in a good way.¨

Even though Liliana fell asleep during the movie she said eventually watch it again. When asked if she thought Oppenheimer deserved all they award it got she said that she does think that it deserved them. ¨The movie obviously took a long time to be made and had a lot of effort put into it with all the acting and editing. So yeah, I’d Say they deserved all the awards they got.¨

I also think they deserved all the awards they received. The film is very sophisticated. It shows the process of The Manhattan project, what was happening behind the scenes of the atomic bomb and overall showed the world some stuff that the public didn’t even know happened. To me, the acting was phenomenal.

The best part of this movie for me was the acting. The acting didn’t feel like acting to me. The way the actors portrayed the emotions felt like they were actually there making the bomb. Before I even watched the movie I knew the acting was going to be good. Having actors like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and David Krumholtz, you’re bound to have a good movie. Also having actresses Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt definitely boosted the movie a lot. 

Even though they have all these awards for Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Film, Best Directing and more, Not everybody feels the same way about it. Some people think its too long and boring to the point where they fall asleep, or just not enjoy the movie at all, and that’s ok. Even despite all of those things, I do highly recommend everyone watch this movie, whether you like history or not. The movie shows us through the creation and use of the nuclear bomb, a lot of life lessons and how stuff doesn’t always end up the way you want it to be.

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