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YouTubers aren't celebrities

YouTubers aren’t celebrities

May 17, 2019

As the platform of YouTube continues to rise, so do its content-makers. More and more YouTubers have be...

James Charles is canceled

James Charles is canceled

May 10, 2019

Over the weekend, I was in a state of confusion to find my Twitter feed full of posts about YouTube bea...

Parent awarnes is needed online

February 3, 2019

Technology has opened up the door for children to consume more online media. “Youtube” is a popul...

PAUL MARTINEZ: YouTube streamer

April 3, 2018

Senior Paul Martinez created his YouTube channel a couple years ago. Often posting videos about fortnight,...

Logan Paul posts videos from suicide forest

Logan Paul posts videos from suicide forest

Nicholas Rosete

January 5, 2018

Logan Paul is a 22 year old Youtuber who uploads videos on an account called “Logan Paul Vlogs”. ...

‘H3H3Productions’ raises ruckus

‘H3H3Productions’ raises ruckus

March 6, 2016

YouTube celebrities have gained the affections of millions of viewers. In fact, some have made YouTube...

YouTubers gain viewers differently

Marleene Pheav

April 17, 2015

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably watched a walkthrough or gameplay from time to time. Walkthroughs are straightforward guides, while gameplays can be entertaining, along with the commentary of the gamer. This is how the gaming community connects on YouTube. Popular gaming YouTubers share one common style in their videos:...

YouTubers @ Stagg Episode 1: Paul Spaulding

May 2, 2014

Paul Spaulding, senior, talks about his joint YouTube channel and how it is made to make people laugh....

On Wikipedia, YouTube, and real life

On Wikipedia, YouTube, and real life

March 3, 2014

Has anyone looked up a Wikipedia page for something important—like about Mount Rushmore—and you also find some really offensive message in the ...

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