YouTubers aren’t celebrities

As the platform of YouTube continues to rise, so do its content-makers. More and more YouTubers have been making their way to bigger fame, starring in actual movies rather than their own content. It’s gotten to the point where teens are starting to recognize names from YouTube more rather than celebrities themselves.

This raises the question if YouTubers should actually be considered celebrities?

To put it simply, no. YouTubers should not in any way be considered celebrities. No offense, but most aren’t anywhere near as talented as most actors and actresses. The times that I’ve seen movies feature YouTubers in their cast, it was horrible.

They can’t act in anyway and give the movie a tone that their channel gives off. The only reason people may actually want to watch them is because they’re a fan of the YouTuber. It’s the crazy, toxic fans that continue to support them because they want them to achieve celebrity-status. They’re so toxic that fans don’t stop supporting when the YouTuber gets caught in a scandal, such as situations involving the Paul Brothers or James Charles.

And not to sound snobby, but if I was a celebrity I wouldn’t want some random YouTuber to be considered as successful as me. Becoming a celebrity usually requires more talent and work, whereas becoming a famous YouTuber requires one viral video.

Overall, YouTubers shouldn’t be placed in the same category as celebrities. They usually don’t have as much talent and don’t put in as much work.