YouTubers gain viewers differently

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably watched a walkthrough or gameplay from time to time. Walkthroughs are straightforward guides, while gameplays can be entertaining, along with the commentary of the gamer. This is how the gaming community connects on YouTube.

Popular gaming YouTubers share one common style in their videos: humor. A gamer’s commentary/gameplay is usually comedic to attract and keep the audience watching. For example, YouTuber “dashiegames” plays a variety of video games, from “MarioKart” to “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” “Dashie” acknowledges that he is terrible at video games compared to most gaming YouTubers who are popular for being experienced or knowledgeable at them. His genuine reactions and hilarious banter make him one of YouTube’s favorites.
One of my personal favorite YouTubers is “videogamedunkey.” He puts a voiceover in his edited videos, showing comical, non-serious gameplay. He plays several games, such as “League of Legends,” “Grand Theft Auto,” and more. What separates “Dunkey” from other comedic gamers is that he relies on gut reactions and spontaneous dim-witted humor, rather than video game knowledge or advice.

Another comedic YouTube gamer who also streams is “SivHD.” One of my favorite videos is when he played out of the “meta” in “League of Legends,” meaning he played a different strategy and tactic that isn’t popular among other players. He played a character named “Soraka,” who usually plays a supportive role, as a jungler, a position where the player is not designated to a certain lane, but is supposed to gain experience through the jungle minions (while assisting the team when needed.) Along with the hilarious editing and his successful new meta, he succeeds in creating that good kind of funny vibe. Both “Dunkey” and “Siv” are popular for their “League of Legends” videos.

“Markiplier,” known for his “Five Nights At Freddy’s” videos and humorous facial reactions, makes his presence known with an almost booming voice and energetic tone when playing the game. Some may, however, find his humor to be overbearing and forced, making his commentary seem almost staged.
“VanossGaming” and his friends upload videos of them recklessly messing around on “Grand Theft Auto,” creating an open and hysterical mood. Usually, they continue their videos into the others, kind of making them an unofficial mini series.

Many gaming YouTubers also have Twitch accounts, where they live-stream their gameplay. Viewers are able to pay a subscription and donate to the gamer. A streamer who uses Twitch to her advantage goes by “Kaceytron.” What makes “Kaceytron” so unique is that her popularity skyrocketed by being a satirical streamer. She acts as a character who often uses her gender to stimulate hate, thus gaining viewers. She is well aware that the attention she attracts is negative and consists of hateful remarks and comments, but she uses that to her advantage to those who haven’t yet caught on to her playing dumb.
“Rooster Teeth,” also known as “Achievement Hunter,” which consists of a large group of people, is one of the most creative channels in the community. Their content consists of hour long podcasts, weekly shows and series, along with some gameplay. What makes RoosterTeeth so enjoyable to watch is their lively and lovable, diverse cast of gamer personalities.

One of the more known YouTubers, “PewDiePie,” goes overboard with his funny reactions. Although he does bring some good humor, his jokes can be childish at times. He seems too overrated for what he produces.
“iJustine” originally made a YouTube account that consists of vlogs, baking, etc. She has a separate account named “iJustineGaming.” Watching one of her “Call of Duty” gameplays made me laugh, and not in a good way. She was not as skilled as I had hoped and was basically raging at the screen. I mean, if that was an intentional way to gain viewers… good job?

“Game Grumps,” a gaming YouTube channel that consists of two guys, usually plays older games with the concept of a continuous series. Not only does this duo provide great and entertaining in-game commentary that pulls in viewers for laughs, they are knowledgeable in their gaming skills and will often have discussions while doing the playthroughs together.

There are so many more amazing YouTube gamers out in the vast world of the Internet. Gamers play different video games, show different perspectives, and have their own stylistic ways of playing.
Each gaming YouTuber has an influence on the gaming sphere, every day it expands and flourishes into a more diverse community.