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Student artist blends realism and anime into amazing art

Hand drawn lines in an anime like style, with dark colors like black and red, as well as possums, are some things that you’ll see in most of Gabriela Saucedo’s art. 

An untitled art piece from Gabriela Saucedo, showing her boyfriend and pet possum, Faye. Saucedo’s style blends realism with anime.

The junior high school student said she had begun doing art as a way to gain more of her mother’s affection. 

“She loves art,” Saucedo said, talking about her mom. “So I was like, you know what, I’m going to try and wiggle my way into her heart by doing something she loves… It worked.”

Saucedo plans on owning her own art studio as well as becoming an art teacher. “I was thinking of making my own shop where I’m teaching and it won’t be crazy expensive. “One of Saucedo’s English teachers this term expressed that she’s a good student and expresses herself through art in class. English teacher Amanda Tassia said that Gabriela was very involved. “She tries very hard at her work, she’s also very artistic.”

Tassia said that she commissioned Gabriela to recreate a picture of her wife, and said she would definitely buy her work again. 

The original picture of Amanda Tassias wife.
Gabriellas final commissioned piece of Tassias wife.















Saucedo said her inspiration comes from her mom, Marlin Saucedo, who is a multimedia artist. Marlin Saucedo draws, paints, welds as well as does glass etching.

Marlin said Gabriela has shown love for art since she was three years old. She has seen her daughter’s art style grow over the years by creating her own art style. “Gabriela can take anything and draw it into her style of realism and anime.” 

Saucedo says she’s grateful that her mother supports her art. “I feel amazing, especially when I really do need supplies. She provides me with more supplies.” 

Faye, Saucedo’s pet possum sat on her bed photographed by Gabriela Saucedo. Faye acts as Saucedo’s muse and inspiration.


Saucedo also said her real muse comes from her pet possum, Faye, who you can see in a lot of her work.  “She gives me the actual effort to finish most of my drawings.” 

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