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(UPDATE 3/25) Emergency services searching for Stagg student in levee

Entrance of Stagg High school that faces towards the Calaveras River levee. “The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Boating Safety Unit is exhausting all efforts while searching for the teen,” writes Principal Toliver. (Ryan Turner)

EDIT: The article has been updated with all currently known information.

Ambulances were seen reporting to the Calaveras levee during 4th period on March 13 as students were brought inside by the CSMS. At 3pm Megan Torres sent an email out stating “Stagg staff, we are aware of the police and ambulance activity on the levee. Our school is safe and secure.”

At 6:00pm, Principal Brett Toliver sent out an email out to families, writing “the SUSD Department of Public Safety along with San Joaquin County Sheriff Boating Unit is searching for a teen who jumped into the water from the levee near the Stagg campus.”

He goes on to write that the two teens that entered the water of the Calaveras River. According to the email, “One teen surfaced and emergency crews are still searching for the other teen.”

On March 14, when reached out to, Principal Brett Toliver was not available for comment. CSM Gary Bottley did not make further comment.

Update 2:52PM: Superintendent Michelle L. Rodriguez wrote “Officers reported that 4 teens were involved in an altercation on campus. 

It started with two teens and two other teens jumped in. Administrators broke up the fight.

Two of the teens had ski masks on and went towards the levee.

A school resource officer drove to the levee to try and identify them. The officer spotted the teens coming out of the water and in the brush. He drove to the other side and a person told the officer that he saw 2 teens go in the water but did not see them come up. The officer searched the area and located one teen who informed him his friend may still be in the water.

The search began yesterday around 2:30 and stopped at 8 pm. Crews were back out this morning at 8:40. We are in communication with the family and hoping for a positive outcome.”

Update March 15: The student has been identified as 15 year old Xavier Martinez, a sophomore here at Stagg.

Update March 19 | 2:33pm: Principal Brett Toliver sent out an email to Stagg families and students in which he wrote “A diver spotted what appeared to be a body around 11:30 this morning. The San Joaquin County Sheriff Department Boating Unit recovered the body. The body has not been identified and it is unknown if it was a student who went missing Wednesday.

Update 6:14pm: Principal Toliver followed up on his previous email, adding to it by stating “It is with a heavy heart that we inform you the body found in the Calaveras River is a Stagg High School student. The San Joaquin County Coroner has identified the body of the 15 year old. ”

This story is developing and will be updated as information releases.

KCRA 3 News in front of Stagg on March 14, also reporting on the story. Their reporters setting up. (Ryan Turner)
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