Stolen car crashes into west fence

A black Lexus four-door sedan, stolen from the Bay Area, crashed into part of the fence in front of the A-wing at the end of the lunch period today. The car was being chased by a sheriff eastbound on Brookside Road in the minutes leading up to the crash. The driver attempted to out-run the sheriff by going at extreme speeds. Trying to outmaneuver the sheriff, the suspect attempted a U-turn and lost control.

With the car a complete wreck, the suspect attempted to escape on foot outside of Stagg’s campus. Sprinting down Brookside, he was quickly apprehended.

The suspect is an adult male from Oakland, according to Principal Andre Phillips, and he has no ties to Stockton Unified School District.

Moments after the crash, administrators and teachers received notifications on their phone from “Share 911,” an app that informs administration of a potential threat to the campus. Souphiep Kapule is a campus security monitor posted by the west gate. She was ready to command students to go to class when she heard the sirens of the chase behind her. After the crash, Kapule immediately rushed students back, making sure they were out of harm’s way.  

“I was scared where (the driver) was going to run,” she said.

Adminstators come to the scene within minutes and made announcements on the intercom to get into class.

An officer asked Kapule whether any students were hurt, and she reported no.