Stagg holds an Every 15 Minutes presentation


Kevin Gutierrez

Senior Julian Verales blames senior Enekeyo Sakata for the accident because he was driving under the influence. Senior Tenyiah Washington mourns for the death of her best friend senior Marissa Pimentel.

Juniors and seniors experienced a reenactment of a drunk driving-related car crash during the late morning on campus today in the first day of a two-day program known as Every 15 Minutes.


This program, sponsored by the California Highway Patrol, aims to inform students about the devastating effects of driving under the influence.


In the reenactment scene two cars collided. Alustra Dominguez-Meyer, a senior and passenger in one of the cars, required medical attention from the emergency response team. She was then transported to the hospital by a helicopter, which is only used if the person injured has the possibility of surviving.


In the second car, a victim would not make it to the helicopter. Once the tarp was lifted showing the scene, Marissa Pimentel was revealed, sprawled on the hood of the car, where she died immediately.


To make the event more impactful the participants were the only ones who knew about their deaths, leaving their peers and classmates especially shocked.


Site team leader for the program Ryan Berg said that, in order to maximize the impact among the viewers, “We tried to get as many students who would represent and who knew many different people.”


An assembly that will include a funeral to honor the dead students will take place tomorrow during fourth period. Only after that point will the participants be reunited with their friends and families.