Taking initiative to bring back off campus passes

Two students have started a petition to bring back off campus passes

Almost a full quarter into the school year and the campus is still closed for students at lunch. Since administration has taken away this privilege, we as students have felt very betrayed. As a freshman, most people look forward to their junior year because of they get to go off campus with their friends instead of eating at a less satisfying cafeteria. Now, our lunch is just a plain burger with chocolate milk.

According to administration, the off campus passes were taken away because of excessive tardies in fifth period. In fact, besides first period, the attendance for fifth period was the worst. After taking away the pass, administration claims that the attendance went from being second to worst to the best period with minimal tardies.

However, students including myself believe that even though the attendance may have improved, we still deserve our passes. Recently, two students have taken the initiative to make a petition to gain our privilege back. During the past week, Maya Harris and Maria Alicia Garcia have been passing around a petition to their fellow students.

After Principal Andre Phillips introduced the idea to them, they quickly made the petition with the help of other classmates. Within a couple of days, two packets of the petitions were able to be filled out and turned in. They are currently almost finished filling in their third and fourth packets. The more student signatures they have, the better of a chance to bring the passes back.

Supposedly, Phillips and administration are reviewing the petitions and considering on raising the standards to be able to qualify for an off campus pass. This isn’t surprising since they were already planning on raising the standards if they were to bring the passes back. Since the privilege brought tardies, someone who is always tardy to class obviously shouldn’t be able to go off campus.

Harris and Garcia are receiving a lot of support from their peers, but not so much from teachers. “I’ve had some teachers straight up tell me that they don’t support it (the off campus passes),” Harris said. “But these passes are for us, so I don’t let them get to me.”

Until students are allowed to have their off campus passes back, Harris and Garcia will continue the petition. They are currently waiting for Philips’ response.