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Empowering Inclusivity: Circle of Friends Club Flourishes Under Dedicated Leadership

Aaron Estrada, teacher in charge of the Circle of Friends club after the retirement of the previous advisor. Aaliyah Leon / Stagg Online
Aaron Estrada, teacher in charge of the Circle of Friends club after the retirement of the previous advisor. Aaliyah Leon / Stagg Online

In 2012, a new era commenced for Stagg High School’s Circle of Friends club under the guidance of dedicated educator and leader, Aaron Estrada. Taking charge after the retirement of the previous advisor, Estrada faced financial challenges that motivated the club to take action. Through inventive fundraisers and engaging activities, the Circle of Friends evolved from its modest origins into a vibrant community.

The catalyst for this transformation was a special needs student who inspired the leader to instigate positive change. Starting with just seven members, the club expanded to a robust group of 40, fostering connections and spreading joy throughout the school community.

Fostering Campus Harmony:
The Circle of Friends club strives to inject positive energy into the school environment, offering a refuge for students struggling to connect. Emphasizing inclusivity, the club

arranges weekly intervention activities, bridging the gap between disabled and non-disabled students through board games, frisbee, and other enjoyable pursuits.

“I was inspired by a particular special needs student who didn’t have many friends on campus and began making opening up with other club members,” says Estrada.

Empowering through Responsibility:
A notable impact of the club is the transformation of its members into leaders. From organizing community events to fundraising and facilitating officer meetings, club members have embraced diverse responsibilities. The leader takes immense pride in witnessing the growth of individuals who have taken ownership of the club.

Overcoming Challenges and Rebuilding:
The journey wasn’t without obstacles. A significant hurdle arose when the leader temporarily left for a vice principal position, requiring the club to rebuild upon their return. Despite challenges, original members remained steadfast, contributing to the successful reconstruction of the club, complete with updated membership, training, and governance.

Exciting Initiatives and Future Endeavors:
Looking ahead, the Circle of Friends club is preparing for an end-of-year school dance, promising to be a memorable event. Past turnouts have reached up to 300 people, featuring a professional DJ, red carpet treatment, and generous community donations. The anticipation for this event reflects the club’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for its members.

Joining the Circle, How to Get Involved:
For students interested in joining the Circle of Friends club, academic success is a priority, with a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 and a 90% attendance record. Prospective members are encouraged to meet with the leader, obtain an application, and be prepared to take on leadership roles within the campus community.

As the Circle of Friends club continues to thrive, it stands as a testament to the trans-formative power of inclusivity, positive energy, and dedicated leadership within the school community.

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