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Senior Spotlight- Ticho Castillo

“When in doubt, use Google.”


Hobbies, Interests, and Passions

  • I love doing track, any school events, and helping build up others. I have a great passion for making others laugh and acting, which is why one day I’m going to be an actor.


Extracurricular activities/Clubs

  • FFA, football, track, and cross country.


Leadership Positions

  • I was the vice president for FFA during 2022.


Memorable Events from High School

  • The last day of school sophomore year was some of most fun I’ve had because it was my first real year of high school and I got to end it goofing off with my friends all day. Also just hanging out during practice with all the people I met doing sports and getting to learn and build connections with an all those amazing people.


Plans After High School

  • I’m going straight to UOP during the fall.


College/University & Study

  • I’m going to UOP and I’m studying business.


Most Rewarding Aspect of High School

  • Doing sports and learning more about myself as a person and becoming more disciplined in my daily life.


Advice for Underclassmen

  • Enjoy every moment because before you know it you’re gonna be a couple weeks away from graduation wishing you had one more day to be a kid.


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