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Senior Spotlight- Ellie Romero

“Sometimes you gotta not care, trust god, and do you” – SZA


Hobbies, Interests, and Passions

  • I’m a very outgoing person and I’m always willing to take a risk for something. I love traveling, doing makeup, and Dutch Bros. My inspiration for everything I do involves my mom because she is genuinely my best friend and I want to repay her in the future for the wonderful life and opportunities she gave me while growing up.


Extracurricular activities/Clubs

  • I was on the cheer team all throughout high school and was named head captain. I was also secretary of snowboarding club and apart of key club. I was apart of staggs FFA organization as a member of the Floriculture Team.


Leadership Positions

  • I held the head captain title on my cheer team. I was also named secretary of the snowboarding club.


Memorable Events from High School

  • My most memorable experience of high school would have to be Friday Night Lights. Being out cheering on the sidelines definitely felt like being in a scene of a high school movie. Between the cheering from us, the enthusiasm from the crowd, and the excitement from the players, the atmosphere was definitely something I’ll miss.


Plans After High School

  • I plan to attend UC Davis in the fall. During my undergrad, I also plan to study abroad next summer to participate in a study of the brain in Spain. After earning my bachelor’s, I want to continue my education and earn a PsyD. 


College/University & Study

  • I plan to attend UC Davis. I will be studying Psychology with a minor in Biology. I want to become a clinical psychologist. 


Most Rewarding Aspect of High School

  • The most rewarding aspect of my high school experience would definitely have to be creating amazing bonds with my teachers and mentors. When I needed to hear that someone believed in me, they were always the first people I ran to on campus. Not only did they help guide me with my education, but they taught me valuable lessons I will carry throughout my career.


Advice for Underclassmen

  • I would advise underclassmen / upcoming seniors to really take every moment in. Don’t be afraid to take the risks, join that sport team you’ve been wanting to join and participate in school events. Don’t worry about what others have to say, at the end of the day, it’s all about you.

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