Fans of ‘Star Wars’ saga get hyped for Episode VII


Amanda Brawley poses with “Star Wars” cosplayers at StocktonCon ’15.

Hype is a simplistic way of catching someone’s attention.
It is one of the few commercial tactics that can make those who were initially against the subject
become intrigued. Hype can also just be used to drive those already interested to giddy happiness and feel as if they are on the verge of obsession.

This has been the case for the new “Star Wars” movie coming out. This is the case for the Brawley sisters. Seniors Amanda and Emily both have been greatly influenced by the well-known “Star Wars” movies thanks to their father — not dark father — an avid lover of the films himself.

Amanda even recalls a time around the time she was 8 or so where they had stayed up together until 3 a.m. watching the films. Reflecting on it fondly, she knows that the movies play a larger role than any of her other favorites. With Disney purchasing the rights to “Star Wars,” some key elements have been changed.

Princess Leia will no longer be forced to wear the iconic white bikini by Jabba the Hutt. Emily recognizes that it is relatively inappropriate, considering Disney caters to children almost exclusively, but the movies will not be the same to me.

Some changes, however, are eagerly welcomed, such as the increased diversity in the cast.

For those who don’t know, someone is now black who wasn’t black before.

The merchandise is also a plus, particularly the life size storm troopers and Darth Vader that
excite Emily immensely. “Everytime I see them, I can’t resist the urge to go and play with them.”
Their favorite character is Darth Vader.

An advantage of such a large and thriving company owning the rights to anything is that you can be positive there will never be a shortage of toys, trinkets, clothing, and games to choose from.
They’ll produce everything conveniently before you realize you want it.

Not surprisingly, the new movies as well as the merchandise surrounding them has people in a
giddy state. Mentioning the title itself brightens their eyes, smiles playing at their lips and when they begin talking about it they’re excited, eager to take advantage of the topic of conversation. Having a similar reaction, though perhaps a bit more subdued, or rather he tried to hide it more, is senior Giacomo Abdallah.

Abdallah has also seen and enjoyed the movies as a child, but rather than a family member’s influence that made him finally watch it like the Brawley sisters experienced, it was the hype around the movies. For his favorite character he goes solo, Han Solo that is. Around five years ago he had given in and watched the movies for the first time and instantly recognized them as a classic.

“I had always heard about them but I had never seen all the movies. Watching one made me want to watch all of them.”

Music teacher Joseph Updegraff is notorious for having “Star Wars” memorabilia in his room, which is  why it is understandable lately he has been seen around campus happier than normal. Because of this, he understands why students are so excited about this upcoming movie, but is distrustful of those who are around his age that have shown no previous interest in the movies.

Updegraff’s friends have approached him and asked to borrow some of his “stuff” — as they call it — to go to the premiere in costume, to which he replies “No way.”

However, unlike the students around campus who learned of “Star Wars” and had to go back and watch the movies, he was around for their debuts.

He recognized it as the classic good vs. evil plot that he can reflect on as a child.

“You root for the good guys. You like the bad guys because they look cool but you don’t want
them to win.” This being the most recent film, it will be the first “Star Wars” movie whose initial release we experience firsthand.

Updegraff may have experienced his “Star Wars” in 1983 but, “In a way this is ‘Star Wars’ for the next generation.”