Early Domestic Abuse Signs

Slammed doors, raised voices, and seemingly empty threats. Domestic violence isn’t always just physical abuse, sometimes it’s not as noticeable as bruises or cuts. Domestic abuse is about being in control of someone’s mind and emotions just as much as hurting their bodies.

In most domestic abuse situations, physical abuse isn’t what comes first. Early signs of abuse are actually quite common. Domestic abusers might throw things or punch walls when they’re angry, accuse their partner of having an affair, or criticize and belittle their partner and make them feel small.

Early signs aren’t always as noticeable as this though. Sometimes it’s small seemingly innocent behavior such as keeps close tabs on where you go and whom you go with. It may seem a if this behavior is just your partner being concerned, but in reality this behavior can start to stem out into more controlling and toxic behavior.

Domestic abuse can be found anywhere, sometimes you just have to look a little harder than usual.