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Stagg Assistant Principal Runs for Mayor

Aaliyah Leon
Christina Fugazi working on documents in her office. Fugazi is running for mayor this March.

Assistant Principal Christina Fugazi has announced her candidacy for Mayor in the upcoming elections this March. 

Fugazi emphasized her firsthand experience with the city’s challenges and triumphs. “I’ve seen what has been going on…I really believe that I can help.”. Fugazi’s commitment extends to the city’s youth, with plans to create career pathways and job opportunities. “I want to make sure that every kid that wants a job has a job,” Fugazi said . 

Principal Brett Toliver, offered insights into Fugazi’s mayoral candidacy, highlighting her strengths. According to Toliver, Fugazi is “personable, organized, and has a vision.” He emphasized her commitment to addressing problems in the community and her desire to enhance the city. 

Toliver, considering her background in education and previous city council role, expressed confidence that Fugazi’s leadership would be successful. He said, “I think the fact that she has worked here only benefits her, and her ideas for leadership in Stockton government is going to be a successful venture for her.” 

Fugazi looking at papers, analyzing the work on her desk. Fugazi previously served as Vice Mayor of Stockton. (Aaliyah Leon/Stagg Online)

American Government and Economics teacher James Marrone  expressed enthusiasm for Ms. Fugazi’s mayoral run. “I think it’s great to have more people in the political arena that have educational experience,” Marrone said. 

According to Marrone, educators in politics can prioritize education in decision-making, especially in local politics. “I think the more individuals that have an educational background that are involved in education, get into politics, that is only more beneficial for education as a whole, the schools and the students,” Marrone said. 

Emphasizing the importance of teachers in civic education, he highlighted, “I think it’s extremely beneficial for students to know the benefit of voting and to see about the weight of their decisions as far as voting.” 

On guiding students toward a candidate, he emphasized the need for students to navigate their political views independently. “I think that most students need to gain a grasp of where they lie on that political spectrum.” Marrone encourages students to be informed about their political ideologies for responsible voting.

When asked what she would do if she won, Fugazi said, “I’d want to be somewhere where all the people that supported me or the people who voted for me or the people who Together we can move this city forward. I want everybody and anybody to be there.”

Elections will be held on March 5.

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