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Small Businesses of Stagg: Home Based Nail Tech

It’s never too early or too late to start a small business while you’re in high school. Stagg student Stephani Reyes was in her sophomore year when she began in the nail industry environment. One year later, Reyes is still thriving.

The concept of entrepreneurship is when a person starts or organizes a business financially and independently. Reyes creates and shapes her own home-based nail tech business, where she welcomes clients into her home, and well..does their nails.                                


(Stephani Reyes practices nail designs on her sibling. Reyes has been running a small business for one year. Angelina Miranda / Stagg Online)
(Angelina Miranda)

The beginning of this business started about a year ago, while in the middle of Reyes’s  sophomore year. The inspiration and ambition started with her cousin. “I would see her do it and I’d be like, ‘I can be that too,'” Reyes said.

Reyes’s goal is to start her own salon in the future when she graduates from high school. She would achieve this goal by going to beauty school and earning her license. “I would invest, well I would see first somewhere good to do them. Then I would invest all my money that I win in nails into that to start my business and then promote it.” 

Reyes has advice for those interested in starting their own business. “Stay consistent, keep practicing, charge $15-$20 while first starting, invest in GREAT products, not any from amazon. You have to waste money to earn money.” 

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