Parking lot solar panels

Sweat dripping off of their brows as they tip their hard hats up to stare over at the next bit to work on. Their yellow or orange vests standing out from the gray metals and the different monstrous machines. The construction workers from RGS Energy have been working on solar panels since late April, but why? Well, Principal Andre Phillips said, “The solar panels are being built not only to save the district money and help with other expenses but to also provide energy to Stagg, PLA, Kohl and Walton.” The east parking lot will supply Stagg and the Pacific Law Academy with the solar energy while the west parking lot will supply Kohl and Walton. Phillips said, “It will also cover the parking lots so if its raining you’ll stay dry, or if it’s hot the cars will stay cooled.” It’s more than just the solar panel structures. They also have to have the electrical team come onto campus, when school is out, to dig holes about four-five feet wide and five-six feet deep to create underground lines connecting the school with the solar energy. “The initial start time was April 28 and the time they gave for a finish was to be August 11,” said Phillips “however, they might finish sooner.” Several of the construction workers that are working with the structures of the solar panels all said, “The west parking lot is a bit harder because we hit underground water.” The structure workers believe that they should be finished with building the solar panels by Friday and the electrical team gave an estimate of the end of this month or possibly the beginning of July.