Winner’s Loss is a Gain

Winners Loss is a Gain

Collura sings national anthem at our first home game

It started with Britney Spears karaoke and led to the national anthem in front of hundreds. From five years old Chelsea Collura, senior, has surrounded herself with a musical environment. “I always liked to sing and my dad was my influence,” said Collura. Collura’s dad was her start to a lifelong hobby.

When Collura was five, her dad would buy her Britney Spears CD’s and teach her to dance along the square border of her living room carpet. With that playful motion she got a better understanding of music sheets, which in return helped her learn to read music.

With the time she spent with her dad, she grew the courage to audition for the 4th grade talent show and sung “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. Although she placed but didn’t win, it warmed her heart to see her dad in the crowd shouting “that’s my girl!” That experience, as Collura says, “[Is] when I really started.” From there she joined band, playing the flute.  But, in 2003 a devastating heart break occurred, and Collura stopped her singing hobby. Her dad had passed away and she no longer felt the desire to sing anymore. Although she stopped singing, she didn’t stop playing. She self taught herself to play the clarinet and chords on the guitar. As time went by, Collura began to miss singing, “I joined the choir at church and school to get over it (dads passing), it was kind of my “safe guard”. 

Now in 2010, Collura stood, awaiting the verdict, praying that she would succeed. With the loud, applauding crowd it was obvious she was the winner. She knew that our first home game was going to attract hundreds of unfamiliar faces, but she didn’t let the fright stop her. Collura carried on the method her dad taught her of picturing everyone in their underpants and learned to focus on one person as she sung. Even though doubts raced through her mind she held onto, “if you mess up, keep going”.

Despite the devastating loss of her dad and discouraging moments, Collura didn’t ever fully give up. Deep down she had hope and still does. In January 2011, she plans to audition for Apollo, which has sent previous performers to appear on American Idol, MTV, and the Grammys. Her chosen song she wants to perform is “Finally Home” by Natalie Grant. In the summer of 2011, no matter where in California, the soon to be 18 year old Collura wants to and will audition for American Idol. From a girl who has never had any voice lessons, Collura said, “it is my goal.”