After losing a game, she goes home and takes a deep sigh – and begins on homework but her mind is elsewhere as she works. Her head filled with ideas of strategies and things she could work on or could have done better.

She arrives at the volleyball court the next practice with her head held up high and an attitude that shows she’s ready to work hard.

Vernesha Shaw, captain of the JV volleyball team, has no problem voicing her thoughts out especially when it comes to sports.

Entering high school, Shaw knew she wanted to continue her love for basketball and volleyball when she realized how much she enjoyed it in 7th and 8th grade. Yet she didn’t stick to it her freshman year, “It’s really difficult taking a spot on top of taking all honors classes.”

Though she did condition for basketball, she never got around to actually trying out. “Basketball was fun all around. It’s a lot of work and all but it’s worth it,” she said, “I hope I get to do it this year.”

In basketball, she’s forward.

In volleyball though, she’s setter.

Setters demonstrate good leadership and communication skills, quick decision making, consistency and the ability to multi-task.

Shaw and her teammates have had to adjust to saying farewell to their original coach. Accepting expected workouts from Coach Lee who stepped up to be head coach of JV. It’s a rough transition but Shaw says they’ve been facing the challenge with grace.

“I just feel like being captain is you telling them a lot of information being on the court and always cheering on,” said Shaw.

Shaw admits to getting frustrated frequently due to conflicting and confusing obstacles with their temporary coach. When she attends tournaments or sees the Varsity team during their practices, she does comparisons and is always looking out for ways to help improve and encourage her team. “It’s about attitude and our mindset,” said Shaw,

“We need to play with heart, that’s what really matters during a game,” said Shaw.

“I’m going to do volleyball next year no matter what.”