TIERRA DAVIS: Turning Olympic dreams into reality

It is not uncommon to hear of a high school athlete that is a collegiate prospect, as many athletes look to college as a way to continue their athletic careers while pursuing a degree. However, it is much less common for a high school athlete to be deemed as an Olympic prospect. While many could only dream of this, sophomore Tierra Davis is turning it into a reality.

She has already been recognized as an All-American for her abilities. Her preferred event is the 100m hurdles, and for good reason, as last summer, she competed in Iowa for Nationals where she placed No. 2 in the event.

Despite what she has already achieved, Davis feels that Stagg’s track and field program will take her abilities to the next level.

“The practices are really intense and all of the coaches are great,” Davis said. “It isn’t hard for me to stay motivated.”

Davis transferred to Stagg at the beginning of this school year because it was closer to home than her previous school, Bear Creek. After seeing her compete, Arthur Jones, the track and field head coach, was not hesitant to add her to this year’s squad and looks forward to seeing what Davis will accomplish as she continues to develop.

“It’s exciting stuff,” Jones said. “It’s not every day that you get to work with such a talented individual and one who is known on a national level, so we all want to help shape her into the best athlete she can be.”