Jessica Mangili

Senior Lyznie Vang poses for a picture in her uniform before a match.

Senior Lynzie Vang joined the tennis team her freshman year and has playing all four years.

What makes this year different is she is now one of the three co-captains.

Although she carries multiple responsibilities outside of the team, Vang works to commit her time to tennis and build confidence among new players.

“It’s harder now because I used to have someone to look up to –  the previous seniors,” she said. “Now I have to take leadership, because the girls look up to me.”

She still gets nervous before each match, but tries to hide it to prevent the team from getting nervous as well.

“We have to try harder and be confident in order to succeed,” she said.

After Tokay’s match, Vang lost 4-6 leading her personal record being 4-1.

“I’m very upset about that loss because the girl was beatable, but I wasn’t patient,” she said.

Vang is also a four year basketball and badminton player.

“It’s really different,” she said. “You have to be mentally prepared for a challenge. And play patiently.”

After high school, Vang won’t play tennis competitively. However it will stay as her hobby.