WEEKLY SPORTS FOCUS: Christian Salmasan


When Christian Salmasan is asked if he can hang out somewhere after school, his automatic response is “If I don’t practice.”

Wrestling takes up most of his time now and the season hasn’t even started. After school by the time practice has started his mindset has switched from academic achievement to pushing himself further physically than he thinks he can.

“I joined to get more in shape for badminton and because my friends wanted me to join.” The sophomore proudly states that his endurance has greatly improved, most likely due to the runs to I-5 he is required to do everyday. However, he does not enjoy piggybacking, an act where you carry someone in your weight class while running across the football field, is not his favorite thing to do, it has given him the best results. He dreads Indian runs, claiming that it takes far too long for someone to sprint from the back of the line to the front while the others are still running.

“I’ve noticed that my stamina is better, which will help me on the badminton court.”

Little do many people realize that he practices for more than wrestling or badminton, having played the violin and has for over half of his lifetime. Having been in the San Joaquin honor choir for the second year now and being a part of the school orchestra he has a great amount of experience performing. He has not taken any private lessons but his constant practice has shaped and refined his skills. Salmasan has definitely learned the art of time management.