WEEKLY SPORTS FOCUS: Alejandro Herrera



The game is on the line, and so is senior soccer player Alejandro Herrera: the defensive line. The last line of protection before the goalie and the goal.

For 5 years now, he has shifted from forward and midfielder to finally “find (his) place” on that one line. Not just for Stagg, but for multiple leagues and teams. He plays for a competitive team, Jarritos soccer league, and will be starting indoor soccer again next month for the season.

No one tells him to run harder or play more. He does it all on his own. Herrera’s self motivation comes from the constant thought to become better. “I can always get better and try new things. There’s always something to do.”

In his mind, there are no breaks. Herrera has been injured multiple times, but has never fully broken any bones. “I’m always getting hurt, but I’ll still play. Not unless it’s a broken leg.”  Herrera says even if he did permanently got injured he would still be a supporter, and go to every of his teams’ games.

A tougher game is crucial for Herrera. It’s challenge and gives off an adrenaline rush and anticipating emotions. “It shows if you’re as good as you think you are.”

It’s known by his team that Herrera is good at what he does, but he prefers to be more oblivious to the skills he has. “If I see myself as good, I wouldn’t try to improve, I would just accept how I play.”