Koletta Wooten: Athlete at heart


Even at a young age, her mother knew her daughter would become an athlete. The eight year old Koletta Wooten would ran laps around her block just for fun.

“My mom didn’t know what to do with me,” she said.

An athlete indeed.

Now as a sophomore and standing at six feet tall, Wooten, sprints across the track knowing she has an advantage with her experience in sports.

Throughout the year, Wooten is involved in three sports; volleyball, basketball and track: high jump, triple jump, and the 200 meter dash. It may be because she’s in a family with older brothers who have also been involved in sports. It’s okay to say that her family is full of people who are tall.

“Track’s more demanding because it’s right after school until six,” she explains, “that leaves with little time to do everything I need to do.”

She’s aware of the commitment that sports require. After school, she goes straight to practice. Then afterwards, she spends another hour or two with a tutor which leaves her around two hours left to shower, chores, and free time. It’s a bit of a burden but Wooten has gotten used to the routine of juggling both school and sports. She does after all jump from one sport to another.

Despite all this, it’s worth it all for the rewarding feeling of taking the win.

“I’m actually thinking of not doing track next year because I do want to rest and focus on my grades,” Wooten said.