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KAYLEE FETTERS: From hobby to way of life

For sophomore Kaylee Fetters, tennis has benefited her in many aspects of her life. “Tennis isn’t just a sport, it’s a hobby and way of life.”

After starting tennis three years ago, Fetters says that tennis has not only became a favorite hobby but a way to keep her on track academically. She claims she’s good, but couldn’t have gotten this far without her team. “We’re more of a family than anything, we’re there for each other on and off the court.”

Fetters stresses the amount of dedication one must have to play tennis, “It takes a lot of practice, skill, mentally and physically.”

Fetters also explains that although personal accomplishment is good, to win a match the whole team needs to win. “It feels alright doing good individually, She said. “It feels great when we win as a team.”

This season Fetters has seen exceptional personal gain. She’s made it to top singles, meaning that she is one of the top 6 best players on the team. Being that Fetters is only a sophomore she says that is exceptionally well.

She can’t wait to see how her love, passion, and dedication for tennis pays off in the future.

“The rush of tennis makes me happy, and I look forward for the years to come.”

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KAYLEE FETTERS: From hobby to way of life