JASMINE KHAN: Wrestling provides growth in physical and mental stength

Roller coaster. Struggles. Adrenaline. Those are just some of the ways that senior Jasmine Khan describes the wrestling. However, it’s not just the typical sport to Khan. It’s something that has impacted her life the most out of all of her high school years.

It wasn’t until her sophomore year that Khan decided to join the wrestling team. “I had an old friend who kept asking me to join the wrestling team,” she said. “At the time I hadn’t even reached one hundred pounds yet so I couldn’t even imagine it.” After countless pleas from her friend, she decided to put the weight problem aside and follow her gut.

Khan went on to start the wrestling season with a “pretty intense” first day. “I showed up late to conditioning, so I had to run five miles. Not being too athletic, it was a big struggle.” From that point on, though, the days got better for her, at least for the most part. “Looking back from my first day to now, it’s been like a roller coaster of emotions.” Some days went good, while others turned out bad.

However, Khan can admit that the end result is very much worth the journey. “Wrestling really takes you through this physical transformation that impacts you. You really discover who you are, and from just joining the team I’ve grown so much as a person.”

From improved mental strength to the rushes of adrenaline, Khan proudly stands by the statement that wrestling is her most cherished sport.