Enekyo Sakata: An Undeniable Passion

sakatadoneEnekyo Sakata has always loved basketball. Growing up, Sakata was always encouraged to play the sport by his father. “He was my inspiration,” Sakata said. “He always pushed me to do my best.”

Sakata doesn’t only play basketball though, he is also apart of the JV football team. Sakata describes the immediate transition to basketball season from football season as “A bit challenging, but a whole new experience.” That doesn’t stop him from enjoying the sport to the fullest.

Sakata not only loves the sport, but he also likes how playing for the school gives him a proud feeling. “I love the energy and the crowd,” he says. “I like giving back to our fans and our school.”

Although Sakata isn’t on the varsity basketball team, he would still like to support them if they make it to playoffs. He likes to help hang banners for them, and set up for their games. This season, Sakata looks forward to winning, and next season he hopes to be on the varsity team.

Sakata sees basketball as something that he will continue to do for as long as he can. “Playing basketball is my passion,” he says. “I love it with all my heart.”