ANDREW TOBLER: Veteran to newcomer

From football to wrestling, senior Andrew Tobler takes on a sport he was not previously familiar with.

After playing his last football game a couple weeks ago, he was unsure of what he was going to do with his free time. Having close friends on the wrestling team, he decided to give it a try and join.

“KG told me to join,” he said. Along with encouragement from one of his best friends, he also plans on using wrestling as a way to stay in shape.

“It seems like fun,” he said. “You can also learn more unlike football quicker because there are less people on the team. You are able to get more one on one help.”

Tobler explains the challenges he is currently facing being one of the new people on the team. “I get taken down a lot.” By the end of the season he plans on growing as a player. “I plan on not getting pinned as much. I’m going to go to practice everyday and just work hard.”