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Teens prefer entertainment not held up to the standards of what highly-acclaimed critics watch

Alberto Valenica and Amberly Butler

Alberto Valenica and Amberly Butler

The laughs, the tears, the screams, the bad reviews and the good ones. But, regardless of what a review says, does any one person really know how a movie is unless they see it themselves?

Movies cost a lot to produce and take months to film, but wouldn’t you think with all the time being put into a movie it would at least come out to be good? Or at least live up to its five out of five review.

This isn’t to bash on any movie, because there are some movies that do live up to the reviews movie critics give them, but then there are those that don’t.

Tyler Perry, who happens to be a talented director and actor of comedies, recently came out with the latest movie following in his Madea series, “Boo: A Madea’s Halloween.” Now, I had set a high bar for this movie because a lot of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies always leave me laughing, but this one kind of just left me disappointed. Yet, just because I set a high expectation for the movie doesn’t mean critics did the same.

Tyler Perry movies are movies you would expect teens to watch because those movies are humorous and catch their attention easily. As for a movie like “Spotlight,” Academy Award winner for Best Picture 2015, I highly doubt you would find a 13 year old that is extremely interested in watching a movie about journalism and exposing the truth through the written word.

But those are the type of movies that movie critics pay attention to, the type they tell you to watch and give the best ratings to. Yet, they’re suggesting younger kids watch a movie that isn’t very much appropriate for them. They pay attention to the movies that have a bigger message behind it and are meaningful.

“Zootopia” is an animated kids movie according to Metacritic, and it received a rating of 78 out of 100. This is an example of a movie critics enjoyed and thought others would enjoy too.

Most reviews written by professional critics are for movies that they think other people will enjoy, but a lot of the movies aren’t always what people expect.

Let’s take “12 Years of Slave” as an example, a film based on the true events about the life of a slave in the 1800s.

It was an amazing movie, but unless you have the “adult” mindset, you won’t enjoy it.

There aren’t many action movies or comedies that make the list for best picture because those movies don’t fit the criteria for movie critic’s taste in movies.

“La La Land” is a movie I would have never found myself watching, but it has gained many reviews and awards for different categories, so I decided to see what all the hype was about. When I tell you this movie was filled with so much light and appealing imagery, take my word for it because it deserved all the good reviews.

But some teenagers wouldn’t think that, due to the fact that it doesn’t live up to the gory action and violence most of them enjoy.

Not every movie Rolling Stone gives five stars means teens are going to give five stars to also, but unless you ignore the reviews and see it for yourself you’ll never really know how good or bad a movie really is.

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