Tattoos, useful or useless?


Tattoos, one of the most controversial ideas. For some people they have to have some sort of significance, whereas for others they’re only used as meaningless pieces of art. No matter what the tattoo may be for, one thing is for certain. It’s going to stay on that person for the rest of their life.

This begs the question of if tattoos are really worth getting. Does someone want to have a tattoo on their wrinkling skin? Does someone want to be denied a job for having a tattoo that shows? Well the answers to those questions really just depend on the person and the type of tattoo that they want.

In terms of the problem with wrinkling skin, this really just depends on the person. If they’re able to deal with the idea of having a tattoo that’s distorted, then that’s fine. It may look ugly, but at least it’s able to represent whatever was once there.

With people who are hesitant to get a tattoo because they fear it may affect their career opportunities, it just depends on the tattoo they’re getting. They can’t expect to get a huge face tattoo and have a teaching career at the same time. Instead, it would be more reasonable for that teacher to get a much smaller tattoo on an area more concealed.

In fact if I were to get a tattoo, it would be something small on my wrist or ankle. That way, it wouldn’t affect any opportunities that I receive. However, I would make sure it’s something significant and not just another one of those meaningless tattoos.