School ID’s


ID’s, what do they mean to us?  Well many of us today have some sort of ID, but let us examine the meaning of an ID. It’s a form of identification. Identification cards are used to inform people who you are and without it, no one really knows. Some people today lie about their identity for several reasons: money, safety, and other related problems. Also, identification cards are a form of security. You ask why?  Well identification cards are used in everyday life such as when you shop, get benefits, and cash checks. Another way it is used is for credit cards. Today’s society use computers clips, bar codes, and magnetic strips ID cards to advance the amount of information in different areas, but specially ID cards. So identification cards are very important, but in some cases many people have got their identity stolen. Most of these cases are due to losing your social security card.

Many of our students are wondering, why is it so important for us to wear school ID cards. There are many answers to this question. Some many think they don’t trust us, which might be true. Some may think I don’t know but I don’t see why it’s such a problem not to wear them. Many may say that it’s to prepare us for the future of today’s world. On what you know now, what do you think?

Now take that answer, and apply it to our school. Why do we have to bring IDs to school events? Well everything depends on what had happen in the years previously, such as gangs, school riots, etc.  Now think what the school ID is for.