Public opinion can affect an individual’s judgement

Far too often, individuals let public opinion affect their judgment and determine what their beliefs are. Whether it has to do with social issues, politics, or even pop culture, some would rather avoid being outcasted by agreeing with the majority than saying how they actually feel.

This typically occurs with people who are insecure. They’re afraid if they open their mouth and give an answer the general public doesn’t want to hear, they won’t be accepted by others. It’s not surprising that certain people feel this way when we live in a day and age where social media users will jump down your throat if they don’t like something you posted.

Fearing the backlash that comes with having an honest opinion others don’t have similar sentiments about is what keeps many from speaking their mind. The inclination to not want to be criticized is enough to keep them silent.

In other circumstances, people simply aren’t informed. They hear the views of a particular group and assume it’s factuality when that very well may not be the case. The words they speak are biased, clouded behind their own judgement. They can’t be taken as fact, but they present them as though they are so, and others believe them because they are misguided.

The less informed aren’t the ones who are at fault, but they need to take initiative and delve into the matter at hand. It’s up to them to stop the cycle and be a part of the solution that must be implicated.

Before you form an opinion, do your research. Tune out what everybody else is saying and come to your own conclusion. You could only do this if you are educated on the subject. Whether it’s a topic as complex as abortion rights or more lighthearted fare like celebrity gossip, an opinion is supposed to be yours.