People should stay out of Martinez accusation

On Twitter, Timothy Heller, a lesser known singer and former friend of Melanie Martinez went on to accuse the latter of rape back in 2015 After being inspired by the #MeToo movement, where women would speak out about their rapists, she felt the need to tell her story about how her best friend sexually took advantage of her when they were together. Heller wrote a very detailed description of the event and her complex feelings, saying that “it’s hard to say someone you loved raped you” and that Martinez is “someone (she) still love(s).”

Martinez, after her rising popularity on “The Voice” in 2012, went on to be a solo artist. She created songs that covered dark topics, even rape, the very thing she’s being accused of, in a creepy childlike way. During that time, her and Heller were still close friends until Heller felt that Martinez no longer could dedicate time to her. It was near that time that the rape accusation also took place.

While I believe that rape accusations should be taken seriously, and the victim deserves to be trusted in times of need, everyone shouldn’t feel the need to take sides in such a personal matter. There have been too many Martinez fans who feel as if they need to disprove Heller’s claims by digging through her Twitter and creating reasons as to why their “Queen” could do no such thing. At the same time, there are many who will put total faith in Heller and have the goal of ruining Martinez’s career before anything is proven true.

Responding to Heller’s tweet, Martinez acknowledges that “no one with a heart” would want to deny her allegations. However, she denies that any sexual interaction was not consensual.

I, in no means, want to distrust Heller’s words nor do I want to defend Martinez for being accused. She doesn’t deny having sexual activity with Heller, which adds to her guilt, but Miller’s accusation can not be totally proven either. This is something that can’t be proven or not by speculation and word alone. Before anyone takes their hurtful or accusatory words towards either of these women in troubled times, think about your actions and how when the true decision is made, what a fool you would look like.