New cameras installed for security


Recently, the S3 grant has funded the installation of security cameras on campus. Not surprisingly, students have erupted with complaints. Frequent thefts and vandalism have encouraged cameras being implemented into school security and we, along with faculty, support the decision.

Some students are bothered by the fact that cameras will be “watching” over us, and believe that being recorded is an invasion of privacy. What many don’t realize is that privacy doesn’t exist in a public setting.

Security cameras are in nearly every public place that’s visited by a large amount of people. We’ve all seen them — at traffic lights, shopping centers, ATMs, and parking lots. So, in reality, we should all be used to being observed by security cameras.

The purpose of having surveillance isn’t to spy but to ensure safety.

Cameras will only be placed around campus hallways and open areas, not in bathrooms or locker rooms. That would be an invasion of privacy.

Cameras aren’t being installed so faculty will have more reason to punish students for anything we do wrong. They help the staff make sure that students aren’t misbehaving in the first place. Students who follow school rules have no need to worry.

Cameras will not be constantly monitored, picking out every person who commits a small “crime,” such as littering or wandering the halls during instruction hours. Instead, they will be used primarily to review and provide evidence for reported crimes such as theft, vandalism, and acts of violence.

Ultimately, having these cameras will be helpful not only for administration to resolve crimes, but also for us. For example, if someone were to accuse one of starting a fight or stealing a phone, there could be footage to reveal what really happened or provide evidence for the crime. On another account, if your belongings ended up missing or vandalized and you report it, that’s when the cameras could be put to use. Safety will remain a priority as the practice of cameras, as another “watchful eye” is being enforced. The cameras will be used to benefit the overall safety of our campus — not a way to spy on students, or to find an excuse to write referrals. While the cameras will definitely be useful to administration, they may prove to benefit students. If your phone was stolen, wouldn’t you want to know who took it?