Is Winter Formal here to stay?

“They’ll just cancel the dance just like last year.” “There’s just gonna be cheap decorations and a horrible DJ there.” “What’s the point of going if no one is going to even show up?” Year after year, the dance known as winter formal continues to find itself canceled due to low ticket sales. However, the streak of cancelling winter formal hopes to break this year after a great deal of promotion.

With posters around the school and announcements made over the intercom, this year’s winter formal is here to stay. Tickets have been sold and nominations have been made. They’ve even went as far to book a rapper to help keep the mood of the dance hyped while it’s going on. Though will this alone be enough to make the dance a success?

If they’re trying to create a new streak of having the winter formal held every year, then they’ll need to make this dance a hit. First and foremost, the decorations cannot just be cheap posters hung around the gym.

They’ll need actual props to create the atmosphere that they’re going for. They’ll also need some sort of activities, or a good DJ, to keep the students entertained. No one goes to a dance to just stand around and be bored together.

Also, even if it isn’t up to them, they’re going to need a decent amount of people to attend. If only a tiny amount of people went, no one’s going to go next year because they’ll think it was boring based on the crowd size. With a good amount of potential, this year’s winter formal has an important role in its existence in future years.