Harry Styles smartly chooses a different direction


Around the world, the hearts of young girls are being broken yet again.

Harry Styles, a member of the famous boy band One Direction, has reportedly left the band and management company Modest and signed with a new agent, CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff, according to Billboard. Seeming to follow in former member Zayn Malik’s footsteps, he will go on to pursue a solo career.

“We wish Harry the very best. It has been a real pleasure working with him,” Modest executives Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee said.

With the boys being in the middle of their hiatus, he couldn’t have left the group at a more perfect time.

At this point in their careers, the members of One Direction are taking this year off to pursue their own careers and have some personal time. They want to take a step back from the boyband mentality and create their own music with a new sound.

Malik recently released his new single, “Pillow Talk,” and has gone forward with his solo career. The news of Styles leaving came right after the debut of the song, causing some speculation. He also left the band on his birthday, when he turned 22.

Styles reportedly wants to cut all ties with the band in order to pursue his own work.

Griffiths and Magee went on to say that Styles is “a total gentlemen, and we know our good friend Jeffery Azoff will look after him.”