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Food fight fiasco

What much does a food fight accomplish beyond wasting food, making an unnecessary mess, and annoying others? And if it were for a cause such as reversing the closed campus decree, how would such a display convince Stagg’s administration to repeal the order?

Today a food fight took place in the cafeteria, and whether it was to rebel against the ban for going off campus or just to mess around, it was pretty stupid.

Creating such an event not only cut everyone’s lunch period short, but it also accomplishes nothing. What will come of it besides distrust and constant hovering of Stagg’s staff? If anything it makes matters worst.

In terms of reversing the order to not give out off campus passes, the administration wants to see that we are responsible and mature young adults. After all, that is the reason that the passes were revoked, because students would abuse their power and be late, or not even go to their fifth period classes. By showing them that we have learned nothing, does anyone really expect them to hand us back those passes? How would throwing food around, especially with the intention of hitting a faculty member, convince them to allow us to go off campus? Going off campus is not a right, but a privilege, one that we must earn, and apparently right now we are not showing that we deserve such a privilege.

If there are some angry at the fact that we no longer can go off campus during lunch then they should convince others to be good students here at the school to prove that we deserve the passes, but it doesn’t stop there. They should also encourage students to be more responsible and timely when they do have the passes in order to not lose the privilege once again.

Whether or not there was a cause for the food fight or not, there was no purpose in participating in it. It only brings consequences not only for those who had a hand in the food fight, but it brings consequences for everyone.

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Food fight fiasco