Following the crowd isn’t a bad thing


As usual, different clothing trends have been popping up in pop culture recently. One thing I’ve noticed is people are starting to get their clothes from second hand stores, and this has become very popularized among those in highschool and college.

This obviously isn’t a bad thing, but some people on Instagram and Twitter have pointed out that these people are just riding a trend, and will stop when it eventually dies out. People who follow the latest trends or dress accordingly to what’s in style shouldn’t be deemed as bandwagon riders or uncreative.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to fit in or following the crowd when there’s no harm being done. I constantly see “starter packs” on Instagram which in way make fun of people who fall into certain categories or stereotypes.

Lately I’ve noticed quite a few labeled, “trend follower” or some rendition of that. They include pictures of “mom jeans”, make-up, colorful sweaters, Kanken backpacks, and generally just things that are in trend at the moment.

What really struck a chord in me with this issue is that I fit the label of a follower. I recently started thrifting again because it got popular, and I’ve tried to pick out clothes that are in style. Following my realization came feelings or embarrassment and shame.

Do I have any sense of individuality at all? Am I just a stereotypical teenager that desperately tries to fit in with the crowd?

I asked myself these questions over and over again, a bit disappointed in myself for being a follower of the crowd  — something that most parents, like my own, discourage. But then I realized, I actually do like things that are trending.

Following the latest trends isn’t always going to be a bad thing, it exposes individuals to a new way of dressing, shopping, and expression. I honestly wouldn’t have bought some of the things I’ve grown to love if they had not been trendy.

People shouldn’t be shamed for trying to fit in. Things are trendy because they’re cute, or stylish. There’s nothing wrong with trying to dress cool and in style.