Quarterback Wayne Brooks runs the ball during the Stagg vs. St. Mary’s game on his way to a 76 yard first-quarter touchdown

Winning football record brings school spirit

Deafening screams fill the stadium. Stands are packed with lively crowds. Horns are blaring and bells are clanging.

The football team has ended their season and playoffs with a record of 9-2. Many were sad playoffs had to end. Tears flowed down their faces to show it. With a loss of just one point against Pleasant Grove, the pride still remains among students on campus. Freshman Charmaigne Gresham attended the playoff game and was there to witness their last stand. “We could’ve had that game.”

The Stagg football team made a powerful impact on students. “When Lester ran the long punt return.” said sophomore Andres Andrade. “That was the most exciting part of the game. He’s my idol.”

“I’m proud to represent Stagg State,” Gresham said. “My school is beast.”

Junior T.J. Blair is more than happy about how far they’ve made it. “It’s like a badge of honor,” said Blair, a varsity football player. “Everybody worked hard.” Blair said they were especially ready for St. Mary’s.

The St.Mary’s at Stagg game, was featured as KCRA 3’s Game of the Week. The stands were as packed as ever, considering at that time, Stagg was undefeated 8-0.

“They made St. Mary’s fight and gave them a challenge,” said junior Shyann Vasquez. “The score tells it all.” Stagg lost 43-34.

Sophomore Genae Lewis screamed her heart out through the whole game. She’s attended most of the home games and is a big fan and supporter of the football team. “I believe in the football players,” Lewis said. “I think they can be the best.” When Lewis hears people talk down on football team, she is proud and willing to back them up. “I get upset when people talk about Stagg, I let them know and explain how good our football players are doing.”

“I don’t feel ashamed,” said senior Astyn Miles. “They had a good season.”

Sophomore Mary Davis, who is a student athlete, is also a big supporter. “I’m proud of them,” said Davis, “I know it’s hard for them to play a sport, and at the same time get good grades.” Davis admires how they performing well on the field and are able to play because of good grades.

“They deserve it,” Vasquez said. “They practice hard and take it serious.They don’t fool around.”

Teacher Stewart Jacoby, who plays in the alumni pep band, is proud of the commitment that the coaches and players have. “Coach Norton did a great job in building character.”
“When a team does really well, school spirit and pride is really high.” said Ryan Berg, the head varsity basketball coach. “That’s why sports are so important and it’s what makes school more fun.”

This past season Junior Curtis Bernard has been part of chain gang, where he got the chance to watch football games up close. “It’s a whole different experience,” said Bernard. “You get to see more things because you’re right there. You can hear the coaches motivation, and it feels like you’re in the game.” He thinks that the football team ended in a great season, and it’s time to represent Stagg’s basketball team. “We’re coming in as underdogs,” said Bernard. “People don’t expect us to do well. That’s why it feels good to represent Stagg and prove them wrong with a win.”