Softball passed on through generations


Araceli Valencia

To follow tradition, senior Mia Macias pitches during a game against Edison High School.

She vividly remembers this day, last year, on her home softball field. Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! Excitement fills her voice as she describes her team’s victory over St. Mary’s High School. “It was so exciting to beat a great team like this,” Mia Macias, now a senior, said.

Softball is the sport her family has been playing for generations. Macias’s interest in softball was passed on by her mother.

At the age of 6, her mother wanted her to play softball so she signed her up to play for the recreational league here in Stockton. At first, Macias was nervous about joining the rec league, with fears of being hit by the ball.

Over the years of her participation in this sport, she has developed a strong mentality that helped her overcome her nerves.

Since her stepdad is a college softball coach, she has the chance to attend higher level softball games. Not only does she have a stepdad who coaches, she also has an older sister who plays at the college level. These people are her role models in softball, including her mother who also played.

Attending college softball games is a great opportunity for her because she feels like it helps her advance with pitching and first base. “Pitching is challenging, but there is always room for improvement,” Macias said.

Her teammate, junior, Corrina Rivera said, “She’s a good pitcher, amazing base runner, and an outstanding player as a whole.”

Her earned run average so far this year is 3.87, and she has won four games with her team.

When asked about the level of competition between high school and college softball, she responded, “It’s very different. College softball is fast paced while high school softball is not as fast,” Macias said. “College softball athletes are inspirational.”

Sharing the same interest in sports connects families together. Macias attends her stepdad’s games at San Jose State, and in turn Macias’s parents and older siblings unite to support her at games. She feels thankful that she has much support from her family, best friend who announces at games, and her father who coaches her on the side.

All the support she receives is what makes her maintain a strong mentality on the field.

“When my parents watch me at my games I want to do better and I feel confident,” Macias said. Knowing that her parents are in the stands cheering her on, Macias approaches games positively, driven to make her parents proud.

“If I have a daughter I will let her play softball like I did,” Macias said. The passion of softball in her family will live through generations to come.