PLUS team adds unity to the campus

PLUS was introduced last May but has immensely grown awareness throughout campus this school year. Michelle Canfield, Associated Student Body Advisor, also runs the PLUS program.

It is made up of diverse school leaders who are designed to discuss social issues and prevent bullying, particularly for freshmen.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, PLUS is designed to help create a comforting, emotional climate and continue to build healthy, open relationships with students and staff.

Not only will students be heavily involved, but so willthe PLUS members. Members gain organization and leadership skills by positively influencing peers and setting up forums.

“It’s so fun and worth every minute because we’re giving back to our community,” said junior Melissa Balisacan. “PLUS is a great experience and I am happy I took the opportunity.”

The importance of building a sense of community is recognizable.

Occasionally, PLUS and Leadership members work together to host events, such as freshman orientation, Point Break, and other forums. They also raise school spirit on campus by putting together rallies and lunchtime activities.

For example, Senior Sunrise. Many seniors attended to unite with their peers and enjoy the sunrise at six in the morning, along with “The Lion King” song. Even non seniors attended the event, which shows its success in terms of enlarging school spirit.

“After the first forum, we saw changes around the school,” said sophomore Martha Valencia. “It seems like we helped stop many fights.”

Including Valencia and Balisacan, PLUS members sense that they have reduced fighting with their prominent events, keeping students engaged.

“I want to make Stagg a great place for students,” Canfield said. “And bring about new traditions.”

Hoping to renovate and connect students, she encourages students to get involved.

Looking over her plan for Leadership and PLUS, she wants to make this year unforgettable.

“I’m loving all the support getting on campus from the students. I want to impact the culture and climate in a positive way,” Canfield said. “Bigger, better, stronger.”