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Identical twins share same style and dreams


It’s twin day during spirit week and everyone’s dressed the same. The next day is a new theme, and yet two girls are still dressed alike.

Oh, that’s right. Twin day is every day for them.

Seniors Adriana and Maria Oseguera Guizar are the most well-known twins here on campus. They’re constantly wearing the same outfit, have the same hairstyle, and of course the same face.

Since they were younger, their mom has always dressed them alike. And with growing up one would think a twin would want to be her own person and go her own ways, but not for these two.

They find joy in always being able to look the same and having the same outfits.

When shopping together for the same clothing, they are constantly getting stares from the others around them.

“It’s really fun to dress alike, but it’s hard when we like something and can’t find two of each,” Maria said.

“If we see something we really like, and there’s not two of each, we don’t get it,” Adriana said.

Though the majority of their life they’ve always dressed the same, during their freshmen year they decided to switch it up and start dressing different for a while.

Up until midway of their sophomore year they got back to wearing the same outfits because they were used to it.

Adriana and Maria always seem to agree on everything. They get along all the time, they say, and hardly come to any disagreements.

Some might think they both are actually the same person.

Maria is often told that she’s more quiet, and shy, while Adriana is louder.

“Our attitudes are really different,” Adriana said. “Maria is more demanding. She likes to pick out most of our outfits.”

But, like most twins, they like to have fun every now and then, and pull pranks to confuse others to who’s who. They’ve had plenty of good memories doing so, especially when they confuse their own mom by pretending to be one another until she gets frustrated.

Adriana and Maria are always doing everything together and never leave each other’s side. They consider themselves not only sisters but best friends.

“My life would be very different without her. I’d be lonely,” Adriana said.

After high school, they have plans of going to the same college.

Maria hopes to become a dance teacher, and Adrianna a math teacher. They also plan to get married at the same time and live next door to each other.

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Identical twins share same style and dreams