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A freshman sits in the back of the class and drops his backpack on the ground next to his desk. Almost immediately, he pulls his hood up and puts his head down. The teacher glares at him with threatening eyes. She walks over and begins her lecture on being disobedient. But this freshman doesn’t listen.

This freshman doesn’t care.

Vincente Arburua doesn’t want to be that freshman. He is one of the few ninth graders who sets his goals high and plans to achieve them. He takes pride in the excellent grades he earns and intends to keep them that way. He wants to attend a four-year college.

Arburua has been highly motivated by his family, especially his older brother Frankie, who is currently going to a four-year university.

Though Arburua doesn’t know where he wants to go after high school or what career he wants to pursue, he is sure of one thing.

“I want to follow in (Frankie’s) footsteps,” he said.

Freshman Shianne Verdun also has a motivational relationship with her brother. He pushes her to bring home report cards that she can be proud of, and wants her to be all that she can.

Because of this, she gives him a lot of credit. Similarly, Alexis Thomas, freshman, has a family member who she is inspired by.

“My cousin went to college and wants me to go to college to get out of Stockton,” she said. “He says that the world is a beautiful place and he wants me to see it.”

Having high hopes and college applications in mind, Thomas is willing to push herself to achieve greatness.

These freshmen not only have someone in their lives who pushes them to strive, but they try to get involved as much as they can to get them where they want to go.

Whether it is clubs, sports or honors classes that they choose to be in, they make sure to shine. For example, Arburua is in French Club, and Thomas and Verdun are both running track. They also all hold in common their thought process. They aren’t thinking of only now. They are thinking long-term.

Things like what’s going to get them into the best college, the best career and the best future. Unlike some of their fellow classmates, they think of their life now and how it will affect their future.

They know that who they hang out with, the grades they earn, their school spirit and what kind of classes they take all can shape their future.

These freshmen also have one more incentive to fill out college applications: getting out of Stockton.

“I’m going to move far out there,” said Thomas, revealing an optimistic grin.

Taking it a step further, freshman Rudy Silva adds, “I want to get out of the state.”

While some of their classmates are droning out the teacher and falling asleep in class, these freshmen make sure to stay focused and awake. They are not stereotypical freshmen.

They keep their dreams in mind and with them; they are pushed to go above and beyond.

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Enlightened from the start