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Category 5 Hurricane wreaks havoc over local city in Mexico

    Hurricane Otis blowing over Mexican cities during Oct. 24. (CNN)

    On Oct.25, Hurricane Otis hit Acapulco, Mexico with winds of 165 miles per hour and being a category 5 it was extremely destructive and left the city in ruins. Dozens of citizens were left missing and some tragically passed away.

    Hurricane Otis hit Hotels and high rise buildings along with causing floods and mudslides endangering the people living there. 120 clinics and hospitals were damaged and over 10,000 utility poles were knocked down which cut off communication and power leaving the citizens without internet and a way to ask for help. The destructive capabilities of a hurricane is terrifying especially The Hurricane being a category five the largest and most dangerous it can easily go through land causing the craziest amount of damage and mayhem like the mudslides and flooding it created.

    The disaster cut off the power which left the people with lack of refrigeration, internet, power plants, and etc. Due to the conditions they were left with it was difficult to get access to good quality food and gas to cook food and boil water, this can also risk the spread of infectious diseases which can cause even more problems regarding the safety of the people.

    The floods and mudslides covered the cars and houses in mud and left the homes of people unrecognizable looking uninhabitable for someone to live in there. The secondary disaster can also cause a major problem, water shortages end up having people pass away more than an actual earthquake or hurricane, small cuts in resources can have a massive effect on the survival of people.

    With the impact of the hurricane its hard to tell how long it would take for the city to recover from such a disaster, we can only hope for the survivors to keep going and to take care of themselves with what they have.

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