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One person can play a big role in your future

One person can play a big role in your future

Marissa Gonzales, Reporter

May 10, 2019

Senior year is when the stress of the future really begins setting in. There’s always talk of application...

What happens after war

What happens after war

Jenifer Flores

May 7, 2015


Military provides opportunity

Senior Randy Brigance (right) attends physical training at the Marine Corps office twice a week. He is soon to be shipped off to basic training in South Carolina in August.

Angel Gonzalez, Video Editor

April 29, 2015

The college route isn’t always for everyone. Some students are moving to a different route, one that...

Senior Zariah Gonzales and her father, Manuel Gonzales, share a close bond. He keeps a watchful eye over her but still lets her experience her teenage years. Her father has supported her all throughout high school with football, wrestling, and also maintaining grades.

Military inheritance

April 24, 2015

Parents, without a doubt, are mostly responsible for their children’s character development. From the...



November 8, 2013

With respect to our troops, there are ignorant people who join for wrong, ridiculous reasons. Some join the mi...


Michael Hernandez

November 18, 2010

The military is a program that has multiple branches for you to choose from. Each branch has its own characteristics. The military will get you ready for life and on new coming events waiting to happen. Also, it is a great way to serve and protect your country and live life with some pride and honor. The military has requirements,...

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