One person can play a big role in your future

Senior year is when the stress of the future really begins setting in. There’s always talk of application deadlines or choosing between acceptances, but I rarely hear students talking about the struggles that come with joining the military.

There can be many issues that come with this like worrying if you aren’t fit enough, if you’ll get disqualified, or if you are not well informed. However the biggest issue I’ve come across so far would be the interaction between you and your recruiter.
There are many different ways a student can go about joining the military and recruiters play a major role in that process.
When I first began considering the military as a career option I was sold on joining the Air Force. I knew that the basic training was achievable and that you would be stationed on land.

Honestly, if the papers were right in front of me at that moment I would have signed but things did not fall in favor of this. As I continued with taking the ASVAB and looking into the different branches more I was still set on the Air Force and once I received my ASVAB score I sent a message to my recruiter. I didn’t hear from him for almost a week.

The same day I got my score back I got a call from a Navy recruiter who seemed really interested in me as an individual. This is when I began having a change in heart. He was able to meet with me right away only to talk about what that branch could offer me. It made me very happy to know that not all recruiters run on their own clocks. Not only do we have great Navy recruiters in Stockton but also great Army and Marine recruiters who are looking out for students’ best intentions.
If the Navy recruiter had never reached out to me I would probably still be waiting for the next steps of enlistment with the Air Force.

This isn’t only applicable to my experience in the military but also to those going to college, choosing jobs, and even buying houses. When a person feels they are a priority they feel valued and confident they can be successful.