The military is a program that has multiple branches for you to choose from. Each branch has its own characteristics. The military will get you ready for life and on new coming events waiting to happen. Also, it is a great way to serve and protect your country and live life with some pride and honor.
The military has requirements, you must have your high school diploma and you have to past the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). You must also go through basic training camp; some branches are longer than others. Air force is 6 weeks, navy is 8 weeks and marines is 13 weeks. The higher you score on the ASVAB, the higher you get ranked.
There is a buddy system to where you can join the military with your friends. When you complete basic training you earn college credits. All branches offer something different but all offer education. The military also sets you with discipline and other great values. Air force has the advance technology to strike across the globe, this branch is the top technology branch there is. Army is the ground support tanks, helicopters, and heavy artillery is there specialty. Navy offers different things after you enlist and qualify. You get to live on the boat and travel the world at the same time. You work and the navy gives you spending money, when you dock at different countries they let you get off the boat and experience the country for yourself. To learn more for what you would qualify for or what interests you have visit the recruiter center located on 5759 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA.