Online interaction new to language classes


Mark Walding

Although the school is pushing for this transition to the vText, there are textbooks available for students to check out. Students and teachers must talk in order to deal with a situation where the student may not have access to the vText.

vText, textbooks that can be accessed online, have been introduced in all foreign language classes around campus. Students and teachers are discovering it is important to become familiar with this new technology. The new VText comes with an abundance of features such as the ability to do quizzes and tests online, the ability to message the teachers and peers, access to educational games, and much more.

This year, there is a shortage of textbooks. Because of this, many students are not going to have a resource to do their classwork and homework. Although there is not an abundant amount of textbooks for all classes, there is enough Chromebooks for everyone to use. This is going to allow hassle free entry into the online program.

Freshman Elijah Daniels sees the benefits with the program, but the initial start up to it tends to take a while and can be a bit difficult to grasp. “When we first started using the program, I felt as though it was hard to learn how to use it,” he said. “But now, I find it much easier.” As students and teachers begin to get hands on learning with the program, students say that it starts to become trouble-free and uncomplicated.

The long startup is tiring and mundane. The taxing process can take up to 10 minutes of precious class time. Although the process is tedious and plodding at the moment, it should start to improve as students and teachers gain more of a familiarity with the program.

Spanish teacher Raquel Prado, looks forward to using this new technology with all her classes. “I’m excited to start teaching with the VText. There’s a lot of updated information that comes along with this program and I’m happy to be able to start introducing it.”

Some seniors who have been taking a language class since freshman year find the transition to be beneficial. “Carrying books around is tiring, especially since we don’t have any lockers,” senior Jessica Eth said. ”The new online books help reduce paper waste, and also helps students avoid book fees for losing their textbooks.”

Using VText requires access to the internet- and that is not a luxury that every student has access to outside of school. This can be seen as problematic, and may cause an interference with a student’s academics. But, the school provides reliable options such as the Homework Center and the use of Chromebooks to students. VText suddenly becomes much less troublesome and inconvenient for those without internet access.

French teacher Deborah Berg believes as the 21st century is progressing, new technology is constantly being introduced to classes around the world. She believes that in order to be able to grasp this new upcoming technology and the concepts, students need to start practicing now.

The new vText are a part of a new curriculum that is going to provide plenty of benefits to all students around campus. It is the wave of the future.