Staggchella cancelled due to food regulations


Solomon Juarez

Junior Keimora Armstrong takes a bite of an elote with a Jamba Juice smoothie during the annual Club Rush event in September.

It was supposed to be Staggchella: music, arts, food and a long lunch. Everything was planned perfectly and the festival was just days away. But the festival got cancelled because the food menu did not fall into the nutritional guidelines. This was brought to the school’s attention by the campus’ nutritional coordinator, according to Assistant Principal Gary Phillips.

Not only did it not meet the nutritional guidelines but ASB’s menu could not be “competing” with the food items in the cafeteria during the lunch period. A major item that was considered competing with the cafeteria was churros. Staggchella, which would have taken place last Friday, was set to have a modified lunch schedule just like club grub, and would have also had performances by Korean Club, Black Student Union, Show Choir, Majorettes, and Drama Club.

Junior Annaly Bautista is part of the Korean Club and she was disappointed when she heard the news. “Our club was sad because we have been working hard on this routine. The dance we chose to do has never been done before at our school.”

Although the food being sold is what students eat every day, “There were issues on items being sold and what we were allowed to sell,” said ASB director Ryan Berg.

Fundraisers with a menu that does not meet nutritional guidelines can only take place twice a year. According to the website for the federal Food and Nutrition Service, “Competitive food and beverage items sold during the school day must meet the nutrition standards for competitive food … Special exemptions are allowed for the sale of food/or beverages that do not meet competitive food standards.”

In order for Staggchella to still have gone on, ASB would have had to change the food items, but since this inconvenience was too close to the event it was too late. “We felt as if it would be best to cancel the event and work with the nutritional coordinator on future events,” Phillips said.